Ash Baskets by Fran
Traditional Split Black Ash Baskets made in Maine for order onlinePicnic with traditional split ash basket or use for market basketCanoe, hike, or camp with traditional spit ash pack baasketWooden Bottom Baskets for many usesComplete black ash basket catelogTraditional Split Black Ash Pack Basket

AboutFrannie Doonan Basket Maker Frannie A. Doonan, Basket Maker

I am a self-taught black ash basket maker. It has taken much patience and many years to become a master of this craft. My love of basket making started in early childhood. Even from that young age I knew that someday I would make a pack basket. I have been making black ash baskets since 1991 with great love and passion. Itís in my soul.

Along with my husband Dave Mussey I guided canoe trips in northern Maine for 12 years, where my black ash pack baskets were essential to carrying all Split ash pack basket holds food for canoe tripsour trip food. I enjoy passing on the tradition of making pounded black ash baskets by holding classes in my workshop. Dave makes and teaches others to make wood/canvas canoes in our workshop. He also makes and teaches others to make winter travel toboggans. For more information about Daveís canoes, toboggans and workshops, go to

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Traditional pounded black ash baskets made from log to finished product by Frannie A. Doonan, Maine basketmaker and instructor since 1991.
Ash Baskets by Fran
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